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Get to know our products:


  • 3+1 workshops to identify 70–200 initiatives to restructure your business. Each of the initiatives is elaborated according to project management standards on just one A4 piece of paper. Prepared for the board to sign. All it takes is 6 weeks of intensive work!


  • carrying out digital transformation to implement the Internet of Things technology, setting up a pay-for-performance system, optimizing operating capital.


  • Among all the initiatives we will identify TOP 10 key projects that integrate changes throughout your company.


  • reorganizing your organization to be more responsive to market demands. By renewing only 3-5 key business processes that generate most of your revenues, generate most of the costs, take lots of your time, employ your people and expose your company to excessive risk.


  • we’ll accompany you in implementing the changes, for sure! Until changes become sufficiently rooted in your company to be able to survive on their own. If agreed, our professionals will build a real project management office for you to carry out future projects with much less external support.


  • passionate coaching retreat where participants learn first-hand that it is not mission impossible to change a process to improve results by more than 90%! On the basis of a quick examination of your organizational maturity, finding your strengths and, rather than weaknesses, the existing opportunities, we will work together on all these in just one 6-hour session. Followed by a debate over a cup of coffee the next day, where we will discuss the agreed results and compose a TOP 10 list of immediate actions.


  • all the above will more than suffice to revitalize your formal overall or “just” sales strategy. It is indexed in its core, but – what is perhaps even more important – in large part it seeks for the leap approach that is able to unlock the true internal potential to leap over the competition!


  • yes, sometimes it may be the most delicate business area, but your procurement can provide you with less expensive input while ensuring standardized quality. If you haven’t focused on it for the past few years, savings on selected items may be as high as 20%, especially if you allow us to introduce to you the e-auction


  • coaching of your choice improves your skills that enable you to negotiate more effectively on conditions either in sales or procurement. Or just to convince your boss that what you have suggested is the real and right thing! Using the learning-by-doing approach, we guide you through face-to-face negotiation with your business partner or life-like negotiation sessions.


  • if required, we negotiate with you or in your name with your business partner. Your request for our assistance in conducting procedures to acquire or sell companies would not stop us. We’ll proudly share the experiences we have acquired in conducting such transactions of up to and around one billion Euros. So far… .


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