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What should you do?

You cannot just wake one day and say we are digitally transformed and our operations are optimal. What you should do is take a smart path towards optimization of operation to serve your old and new customers with excellence. Without doubt that means, that at the end you will be digitally transformed agile and learning company. All the buzzwords above mean nothing if you do not DO the path:

  • Revitalization of the operating model through sustainable business innovation

  • Empowerment to achieve strategic goals and deliver value through excellent operations

  • Development of the ability of dynamic change

  • Solid basis for the ICT solutions implementation


We have developed a guide through the path for you. Let’s eat the BURGER and SCORE®!


What is BURGER?

  • Business ReGEneRation drives customer to a full spectre business based digital transformation (from processes to technology), having in mind customer experience, business operations, business mode innovation and benefits for all the stakeholders. As such it delivers:

    • digital fit of the customer’s strategy incl. design of transformation office for efficient digital transformation

    • implementation plan of business based holistic ICT solutions

    • effective base for consulting the customer how to improve 3+1 key business processes, design 10-15 key restructuring projects and adjust organization more agile market response.

What is SCORE?

The SCORE is a comprehensive approach to integrated sourcing: planning of resources and their efficient use in all business processes of your company. It enables you to create value and to prosper in a highly competitive market. The SCORE collaborates with you to find an effective balance between your inputs and outputs.


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