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Why does it pay off if we help you?

  • …to achieve digital fit of the business strategy or even develop business strategy

  • …to identify and develop the initiatives (70 to 250*) for implementation of the strategy

  • …designed to effectively increase your EBITDA for up to 28%* by improving resource utilization with customer excellence in mind?

  • …to design transformation office for efficient digital transformation

  • set up a system for continuous (digital) change management and teach you how to use it daily day after day?

  • …to help develop new business models enabling offering customers new services of digital era?

  • …to help identify (business based) holistic ICT solutions from register of over 100 available ICT solutions


Do you find yourself in the statements below?

  • We often have inefficient and lengthy sourcing procedures, and execute redundant steps.

  • Expense budget is a developed index - that means in comparison with the previous year. Moreover, budget needs to be spent at the end of the year,

  • The budget for the next year will be lower, what hinders long-term view and initiatives.

  • Customer complaints and efforts for enhancing business quality are often tackled partly by amending documents, manuals and policies – and not in a comprehensive way through process improvement or re-engineering.

  • Nobody in the company has the responsibility to change something. Everybody is involved but nobody is responsible.

  • We do not possess the knowledge, experiences and tools that could provide a transparent overview of the state and improvements.

  • Everybody is too busy with day-to-day work and there is no real incentive to do extra work around either productivity increase or expense reduction.


We could go on and on. Right again?


Let’s move on...

Would you believe it is very likely that for every euro you save in your company you have to sell 34, maybe even 100-euro worth of products to achieve the same effect on the profit? If you don’t believe this is true, invite us for a cup of coffee or write to us and we will be happy to explain!


Ok, ok, but why should you choose us?

  • Because we guarantee that already in the first month of the program we will achieve the first quantifiable results together

  • …in a practical and not theoretical way… we will find initiatives across the entire value chain…

  • We’ll collaborate with you and identify initiatives to positively affect your digital fingerprint AND your profit

  • We will do it using our own approaches and tools… Our services are like us: simple, clear, understandable and focused on you, our customer and your customers.

  • We seek hidden treasures hand in hand with you… in a non-intrusive way, we identify potentials together with your colleagues, never without them! We develop ideas, yours and ours, to create new savings.

  • We will not hide anything from you... everything we do will stay with you, and your team will be qualified to continue managing the process … with less and less external help.

  • We will develop an authentic partnership with you… which will enable us to achieve the objectives and goals at the beginning.

  • We are only a click away from you:… ready to help you with advice, suggestions, answers – even later on, when you will have been managing expenses by yourselves for some time!


*based on results of previous projects; depends on restructuring initiatives and change management undertaken in the past.










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